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Just got back from an exciting week with some extremely talented photographers and some amazing mentors up in Cape Cod, MA at the 4th annual Roots Workshop.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a workshop, and I have to say this was an unbelievable experience! At the end of the week each team’s 5 photographers put together their slideshow for the specific story they covered.  I had the opportunity to ride with the crew of the Cape Cod Central Railroad for 2 days, running from Hyannis to Sandwich and back each day.  Not sure I’ve ever met a team of employees that enjoyed their job as much as this group did and it was a tremendous experience the entire 2 days I was with them.  Below are the images from my final slideshow presented at the end of the week.

Here are 2 photos taken by the talented Eric Laurits while I sat in a Leech pond and decided to play a game of chicken with a locomotive…I won that by the way ; )

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  1. July 24th, 2011

    Phenomenal images and story telling! So glad we did this workshop, what an enriching, rewarding experience!

  2. July 25th, 2011

    Rock on, J. psyched to have met you. Kick ass job on your assignment. Looking forward to seeing big things out of you :]

  3. July 26th, 2011

    Such beautiful images. I really can NOT stop looking at them.

  4. July 29th, 2011

    Hey Jeff!
    You Rocked my Friend was very nice meeting you and thanks once again for your recommendation. we had an amazing time in NYC .

  5. WOW. It’s a nice step away from weddings. Takes me back to my younger days when I loved to play with trains. Very documentary. I can see this in an exhibit.

  6. alan
    October 20th, 2011

    Awesome stuff, Jeff!

  7. October 20th, 2011

    so cool, sounds like a great time

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A Cross Country Trip | New York Wedding Photographer

It’s been a month since I last posted here, though it seems like it’s been only a few days. As some of you may know my wife Kristen and I went on a (somewhat) cross-country trip from July 3rd through the 19th. Covering Chicago to Yellowstone and down to Phoenix. It was the best 2 weeks of my life.  First I have to admit she planned everything and I’m thankful she did. We wouldn’t have had nearly the trip we did if I had planned even one day. If a trip can make one love somebody more then they already did, this trip was that and more! This trip was the longest I’d ever been away from NYC since moving here exactly 10 years ago this past July 4th.  It’s also the first time I wasn’t ready to come back!  We have an amazingly beautiful country that I had only seen in pictures (far greater then mine) and let me tell you, if you ever get an opportunity to do something like this, DO IT! I went on this trip knowing I’d be taking a lot of photos, but I also wanted to take it in without having a camera attached to my head the entire trip. To be a spectator like the others in the parks we traveled through.  So in the photos you are about to view I tried to capture them in the style that is my passion for photography, portraits.  My wife took many of the photos you are about to see too. So…this is my humble portrait of a great part of America that I hope to visit many many more times through the years. Thanks for taking the time to share in our trip ( wish I could post more of the photos, there’s just too many) and I look forward to all the posts I need to catch up on here! WARNING! PHOTOS MAKE TAKE SOME TIME TO LOAD

All my best,

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  1. July 28th, 2010

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Pete and I are planning a trip next summer! Go Cubs!

  2. Neil
    July 28th, 2010

    Great shots Jeff!

    You guys really hit some beautiful locations.

  3. erica
    August 1st, 2010

    Incredible Jeff! You captured our country with such beauty and respect!

  4. Jean Goldstein
    August 26th, 2010

    Stunningly beautiful!!
    I felt like I could reach in and touch each scene within the

  5. Karen
    August 30th, 2011

    These are beautifully fantastic!! So many colors, textures, and types of scenery. LOVE IT!!

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